Today, business and technology are inseparable from each other. And yet, IT products and solutions do not always address the everyday world of business.  User-friendliness, a minimal need for employee training, ease of implementation—these are all very real considerations IT Managers have to deal with. At CPG, we look at the areas that make up the heart of your most essential business operations: Software, Networking, Servers, Communication, and Storage. With integrated solutions that address each of these areas, CPG creates technology that works for you, not the other way around.

CPG offers a wide variety of IT Products delivered fully customized and network-ready to your site. We offer solutions from our manufacturer partners, and we support both next generation and legacy networks to help customers maximize their investments.

Our certified engineers and account managers bring you the industry knowledge and technical expertise to ensure your equipment is of high quality, capable of delivering excellent performance and value.

CPG maintains partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers to provide top-quality products and services. CPG’s alliances and expertise allow us to recommend the best product for your unique needs, regardless of manufacturer.

CPG supports its clients with dependable pre- and post-sales technical support. Whether you are buying a networking switch or a complete storage array, CPG stands ready to help integrate your new technology quickly and easily.

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